Advantages of a BENDURA fund solution


BENDURA brand name
On certain strict conditions our brand name may be included in the fund name, even in a private label fund.

Client protection
Highly professional application of international due diligence standards and protection of privacy by the fund unit custodians

The BENDURA Liechtenstein group (bank and AIFM) is a highly reputable partner.

Customised solutions
Every client is different. BENDURA FUND MANAGEMENT ALPHA AG does not offer off-the-peg solutions.

Funds can be configured in various different legal forms; they can be combined with other structures in Liechtenstein (LLC, trust, Anstalt, foundation, etc.) or with cross-border structures.

Sticking to the essentials
An optimised, minimal approach is a highly valued local speciality: fund with one investor / low asset volume, high degree of customisation and adaptability.

Efficient market access
Access to all European markets via carefully targeted distribution channels, providing the fund fulfils the necessary criteria and was established in accordance with either the UCITSA or the AIFMA (European passport); management companies / AIFMs may also be commercially active in the EEA under the freedom to provide services and the freedom of establishment.

Capital contributions
Foreign and domestic capital brought into a single pool

Improvement/expansion of exit options through sale/transfer to (institutional and international) investors

Strengthening of own brand
A private label fund strengthens and develops your own brand.

Opportunity to act autonomously as asset manager for the fund (subject to fulfilment of minimum qualification criteria stipulated by the Liechtenstein FMA)

Optimised succession and inheritance planning
Fund units are easily transferable, allowing division of even complex asset portfolios and booking to bank custody accounts.

Asset transfer
Simplified options for transferring assets to family members or friends

Time to market / efficient processes
High degree of efficiency in Liechtenstein, dependent on the type of fund. Statutory time limits facilitate planning with regard to expected authorisation times. From the timing point of view, the main bottleneck is usually the promoter.

Numerous individually managed custody accounts with similar structures pooled into one newly created fund

Streamlined structures, short administrative processes

Electronic platforms
Cost-effective fulfilment of statutory publication obligations via the Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association’s electronic platforms

Fund prospectuses
Simple, EU-compatible fund prospectus design

Tax exemption
As a general rule the assets managed by a Liechtenstein investment fund are tax-exempt. We advise potential promoters/investors to obtain tax advice from third parties before setting up an investment fund or acquiring fund units. BENDURA FUND MANAGEMENT ALPHA AG itself does not offer tax advice.