Fund set-up


Your private label fund specialist in Liechtenstein

These special made-to-order investment funds, also known as white label funds, are configured on the instructions of a third party (the promoter) in accordance with its wishes and usually under its own name (label). The name of the fund normally references the instructing party (principal), thereby strengthening its own brand and ideally indicating the investor profile at the same time. With this kind of fund the principal takes a prominent role, e.g. acting as the asset manager responsible for the fund. The basic prerequisite, of course, is satisfaction of all the qualification criteria laid down by law.

BENDURA FUND MANAGEMENT ALPHA AG will be delighted to offer you its services in setting up private label funds, especially of the kinds described below, and in providing support in the ways likewise described below.

Investment funds (contractual / collective trusteeships)

  • Drafting of the legally required fund prospectus and all agreements directly associated with it (prospectus, subscription form, depositary agreement, asset management agreement and/or advisory agreement)

  • First contact with the certified auditor of the planned fund and potentially, where necessary, insertion of comments in the fund prospectus

  • Preparation of all documentation required for delegation of the asset management function and appropriate co-ordination with the certified auditor and, where necessary, the Liechtenstein FMA.

  • Negotiations with external parties (e.g. depositary) regarding offers, etc.

  • Verification that the fund name can be entered in the Liechtenstein Commercial Register and reservation of / application for the the fund name

  • Submission of the fund prospectus and information on the asset manager to the certified auditor and the responsible supervisory authority; where necessary, further modifications of the prospectus

  • Reservation and subsequent activation of an ISIN as well as a Swiss and, where necessary, German securities ID number for the fund

  • Registration of the fund with the local administrative authorities, where required by law (tax authority, commercial register)

  • Deposit of the fund prospectus with the tax office and Commercial Register, where required by law

  • Opening of an account for the fund with the depositary

  • Publication of the fund prospectus on the website of the Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association (, which usually serves as the official publication medium

  • Publication of prices via the official publication medium and/or via SIX SIS Switzerland


Investment companies (corporate) (AGmvK / SICAV )

  • Drafting of the investment company’s articles of association

  • First contact with the certified auditor concerning foundation of the investment company

  • Preparation of all documentation required for the application for approval of the investment company by the Liechtenstein FMA

  • Registration of the investment company with the tax office

  • Preparation of all documentation required for the application for entry of the investment company in the Liechtenstein Commercial Register

  • Assumption of the executive management function for the investment company by means of an appointment agreement to be concluded

  • Ongoing contacts with the authorities (FMA, Commercial Register, certified auditor, etc.)

  • Representation of the investment company in all external dealings

  • Performance of day-to-day tasks arising at the investment company level

  • Administration of the investment company’s book-keeping