Fund management and administration


Ongoing fund management and administration

In the area of administration, e.g.:

  • Periodic calculation of the NAV within the prescribed time limits once all the prices required for the calculation are available

  • Verification of all fund transactions with regard to execution prices, conditions, etc.

  • Processing of all fund transactions and other events involving securities

  • Independently of the depositary, booking and valuation of all the fund’s positions as at each NAV calculation

  • Book-keeping for the fund

  • Production of settlements for issue commissions, management fees and performance fees (usually once per quarter)

  • Drafting and publication of the annual and half-yearly reports and of all other reports required by law

  • Monitoring of investment restrictions and performance of risk management

  • Provision of information to data suppliers, investment fund platforms and the press

  • Contacts with all Liechtenstein authorities as and when required


In the area of portfolio management, e.g.:

  • Investment of the assets brought into the fund

  • Continuous documentation and monitoring of the fund’s assets

  • Acting as an interface with external asset managers


In the area of risk management, e.g.:

  • Analysis of funding risk, liquidity risk

  • Quantitative and qualitative risk reports

  • Acting as an interface with external risk managers


In the area of distribution, e.g.:

  • Co-operation agreements with third parties

  • Appointment of representatives and paying agents

  • Acting as an interface with external distribution partners


Operational services (optional)

If you are interested in additional services and/or our current lists, please contact us in person.


Services provided independently by the depositary

The depositary function as prescribed by law may only be performed by a bank domiciled in Liechtenstein. The right to employ sub-custodians or work with prime brokers (AIFMA) is reserved.

Normally, the core services of the depositary are:

  • Subscription and redemption of fund units

  • Safekeeping (custody) of the unit certificates and the fund's assets

  • Keeping the unit register

  • Carrying out due diligence

  • Monitoring the fund's investment guidelines

  • Execution and regulatory control of all the fund's payment transactions

  • Purchase and sale of all target investments (execution)

  • Execution and monitoring of all settlements (corporate actions)

  • Verification of the appropriation of profit

  • Independent computation / plausibility-testing of the net asset value (NAV)

  • Plausibility-testing of investors (in line with statutory requirements)

  • Examination of initial prospectuses / constituent documents


Services provided by the external certified auditor

  • Advice and support during the fund set-up and examination of the statutory prospectuses 

  • Ongoing audit of the fund and of any associated publications

  • Client care and support, e.g. potentially through PWC / Ernst & Young / ReviTrust Grant Thornton AG or various others


Services provided by the Liechtenstein FMA

  • Authorisation and/or approval of the fund

  • Continuous supervision of the fund management company, the depositaries, the appointed certified auditor and the funds managed


Services provided by any (additional) external service providers

  • Tax consultancy

  • Independent expert opinions, e.g. when valuing private equity or real estate

  • Establishment of (holding) companies, e.g. with a view to more efficient management of equity interests and/or better cash flow management within the fund structure

  • Assumption of governing officer functions (e.g. in holding companies)